»Les Paul 96th Anniversary Tribute by Google

Les Paul 96th Anniversary Tribute by Google

On 9 june 2011 google made another playable doodles on their logo to pay a tribute to 96th anniversary of Les Paul. anyway who is les paul? Les paul was known as the biggest name in Guitar industry world, he is a great guitar player and inventor. He was the first people who got an idea to make a solid body electric guitar. there will be no rock and roll band that using a solid body guitar if there's no invention from Les paul.

Les Paul was born with the name Lester William Polsfuss He was an American jazz and country guitarist, songwriter and inventor. I'm sure that every guitar player should be familiar with Gibson les Paul guitar, les paul names becomes a model in Gibson guitar. Many great guitarist use les paul invention today. Can you name it all the Great guitarist which is endorsed by Gibson les Paul?

Ok now back to today's google doodle. To pay tribute to les paul 96th anniversary you strung the string on google logo. It's amazing if you can make a music through a google logo. the logo of Google on 9 june 2011 was looks like a guitar string that can be played. want to know more about it? Just google it.

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