»Happy 69th Birthday to Paul McCartney

Happy 69th Birthday to Paul McCartney

Happy 69th Birtday to Paul McCartney, Sir Paul McCartney Former The Beatles Member has turn 69 this day 18 june. As one of the biggest fans of Paul McCartney i want to write my dedication for him.

Paul McCartney was known as the world's most succesful musician on earth, beside that he is also one of the richest man on United Kingdoms. He owns more than 3,000 songs copyrighted and many more. Wow i really envy on all his talent. he is a singer, songwriter, composer, musician, author, actor, artist, and humanitarian. With the Beatles paul has made so many songs and lyrics, his songs yesterday was known as the most succesful song on the earth.

Well there's not much information about Paul McCartney 69 Birthday on Google. but there's one things that i want to ask to google. why don't google pay a tribute to this biggest musician in the world paul mccartney, why don't google made a special logo to celebrate paul mccartney 69 birthday?

How about your opinion? is there any other news related to paul mccartney 69 birthday? Well as one of his fans and the Beatles fans I want to share this Great video of Paul McCartney. Happy Birthday Paul McCartney.

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