»Gold Investing Tips from Financial Planner Expert

Gold Investing Tips from Financial Planner Expert

How to invest gold? Maybe this is the most common question by the people who want to do gold investing as their long term investment. As we know doing a Gold Investment was one of the best choice in this economic condition. since the gold price was rapidly increasing.

Here's some of the Long term Gold Investment Tips from a Financial Planner Expert.

1. If you invest in gold for the short term, usually will be difficult to be profitable if the shape of gold was a jewelry. This is because if you come to the store and buy jewelry, you have to pay the price of gold plus the cost of manufacture. Well, when one day you sell it back, then the store will not pay the cost of manufacture of gold jewelry. He will only pay the price of gold alone. Therefore, investment in gold jewelry better off if stored for long-term because the jewelry prices have gone up a lot than when you bought it. Gold jewelry is available in a variety of rust, ranging from 18 carats to 24 carats. However, if want to invest, it would be nice if you choose $ 24 karat gold jewelry. This is because the possibility of gold jewelry will be much greater if you sell it back, compared with 18 karat gold jewelry.

2. Gold Investment is a good enough investment instrument in the form of gold bullion. Whoever does not deny that gold bullion is easy to resale. In addition, gold does not ask the cost of manufacture as well as gold jewelry. Thus, there is no harm if you are considering investing in gold bullion.

3. Before investing in gold, you should consider its own cash flow needs, whether you have cash that is big enough and can be invested in the long term. Do not let your funds are invested in gold, all of a sudden short-term need arises in the middle of the road that forces you to sell the gold. This could not profitable.

4. If you want to buy gold (bullion) in physical form, then the best option is to buy gold production, for example, the product of South Africa, Switzerland, Russia, China, Australia, and so forth. Leading manufacturers usually have a seller's agent who scattered in various places.

5. There's a good idea to buy gold that looks not too small, but also not too big. If your gold amount is not too much, you can buy safe deposit Box itself to be stored at home. You can also add insurance if at any time there is theft, fire, riot or other protection to ensure that your savings are okay. If you are feeling less secure, you can also rent a safe deposit box (SDB) in the bank with a relatively low annual fee. If you save the gold in the form of coins, you also be careful because even if wrapped in a protective pouch.
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