»Finding a Cheap Ticket for Domestic Flight

Finding a Cheap Ticket for Domestic Flight

How to find a cheap ticket for domestic flight in Indonesia? yes that's true there's so many airlines that sells a cheap ticket for domestic flight such as Batavia air, lion air or also air asia. but unfortunately until today i haven't found the tickets that i've been looking for. I've made a planning to go to palu for next 20 april with my family and i need a cheap ticket to palu.

Traveling with family was really exciting, but before we realized the planning i have to get the cheap ticket for my trip. I've looking the price for the trip from jakarta to palu from various airlines such as batavia or lion air from their homesite and i found that batavia has a cheaper rates for that route. It was normal if we search for a cheaper rates to save our money on a trip.

Now after i get information about the cheap ticket from jakarta to palu then i need to book the ticket for my departure date and thanks to the online ticket reservation at Batavia air now it's easy to make a flight ticket reservation. you just have to fill the online form at their website such as the number of traveler, departure date, flight class, and more important information.

After you enter all the flight information, their system will sort the available flight for that date complete with the price tag, Isn't it so easy to get the affordable tickets for your trip? Nowadays you can also get e-ticket for your travel. you can gather more information about the airlines that provide an e-ticket for your trip from the other sites in the internet.  
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