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Isabelle Caro Photos and Biography

Isabelle Caro Photos and Biography, Isabelle caro which is known as an Anorexia models has passed away this day, well to remember her career as an Anorexia model, how if we give you her simple biography of Isabelle Caro and also Isabelle Caro Photo, Good Bye Isabelle Caro the Anorexia Models who died at November 17, 2010

Really feel very sad when we see the photos and condition of Isabelle Caro photos that were published in 2007 was shocking. They have shown once a beautiful woman who struggled against a disease called anorexia nervosa. Today, the world learns that the woman who bared her body and soul is dead at the 28. Although the news has spread like wildfire, the sadness of knowing that she passed on about a month ago before her family certainly has unveiled details of people puzzled.

The photos of this model, once thriving in 2007 gave the world a glimpse of modeling, fashion and us. Show how a disease has taken hold of Caro and did not release how she shared her body image had regained her world. She was frail, her skin scaly, her teeth and her hair falling into ruin. She pointed out the defects of anorexia, and she knew that was the price for having a serious illness.

Today, when the world wondered about the life of Isabelle Caro, we have to show great honor. She gave amazing result abnegation up call to all those who wanted to starve themselves or felt they should be at a certain weight in certain occupations. Caro has shown us what happens when we go too far with a weight on. For that we are eternally grateful. On the death of the young age of 28, Isabelle Caro has waived her greatest possession trying to get the perfect body image. She gave up her life.
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