»Home insurance while moving

Home insurance while moving

So you've finally moved into your new house and currently unpacking your stuff to make your new home beautiful and comfortable. But what about insurance, did you get the right amount to cover your new home? When changing place of residence, even moving to another house in the same block, there are much more things influenced by your actions than homeowners insurance. Here's a list of things you should consider analyzing and adjusting when moving to another place of residence.

Homeowners insurance

In case you've financed your new house purchase through a mortgage loan, your loan company will most likely require you to have homeowners insurance. Still, there's a big difference in coverage amounts that comply with mortgage requirements and those, which meet your personal insurance needs. There may be special items you want to cover with your homeowners insurance, so getting an additional floater to your standard policy would be quite wise. You could also learn what are the additional risks in your new area of residence and get adequate insurance coverage for cases of flood, earthquakes, firestorms if any apply.

Flood insurance

Standard homeowners insurance policies do not carry any coverage in cases of flood and associated damage. Not only those who live near big rivers and oceans need flood insurance coverage. Only if you're not living in a Designated Flood Area, you most likely need flood insurance. The company providing you homeowners insurance will likely to have flood coverage too, so ask your provider when moving to another house.

Car insurance

You may think that there's no direct connection between auto and home insurance, but unfortunately that's not true. In case you're involved in a serious traffic accident and the damage exceeds your liability coverage limits, some of your most important assets (such as your new home) could be lost due to legal action. That is why it is important to revise both your home insurance and auto insurance policies to make sure you have just the right amount of liability coverage to have your house protected against any claims. In order to do so, it would be wise to consider umbrella coverage, so ask your insurance company about that. If you have both your home and auto insurance with the same company you may get more favorable rates on this one.

Life insurance

No one likes thinking about unpleasant things but what if you pass away while having your mortgage still un-financed? Do you want your family members to carry this burden and sacrifice things like your child's college education or medical insurance? By getting life insurance you assure that your mortgage loan will be paid off no matter what. Besides, if you investigate the question a bit deeper, you will find certain term life insurance that provide benefits after a certain period of time while you're still alive. On the other hand, some continuous life insurance policies have investments aspects with them, which would be nice if you have an extended mortgage deal.

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