»Portable Content Networking by Smallrivers

Portable Content Networking by Smallrivers

Every Blogger should know the importance of a social networking in their blogging activities, it really help a lot in finding a new friends who has the same interest like us. we can discuss about the topic with the people in the social networking sites who has the same topic with us.

In Blogging Activities we listed our friends in a traditional blog rolls to indicate our friendship, and our networking bloggers. but i thinks it's a traditional ways to placing the links in the blog roll. as a blogger i think we need a new interactive way to networking our content similar to social networking sites. and after i searching in the internet about the powerful content networking tools i found Smallrivers.

Anyway what is Smallrivers?? Smallrivers, a blogger's tool to network content and audiences. actually smallrivers consists a small team of catalyst. they was located in Swiss. we have to admit that smallrivers has made a nice innovation in the blogging worlds. with smallrivers now you can connecting your blogs content and also connected with people who has the same interest with you.

Now with the new powerful tools for bloggers by smallrivers you can networking your content as well as connect with your reader without leaving your own blogs. isn't it really cool?? by placing the "Connected" Stickers below your blog post now you can read another people with the same thought as you

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