»Spotting flood-damaged cars

Spotting flood-damaged cars

When you have your car captured by flood, you might be thinking once it gets dry it will simply be delivered to the salvage yard. Well, lets consider this possibility in detail.

You don't need some special education recognizing a car damaged by flood. If the car was staying out in the sun and it's doors were closed, its interior will be having a strong mildewed smell. Bad aromas appear due to moisture-loaded carpet padding. Until the carped is removed and thoroughly washed, you won't get rid of that scent.

Anyhow, not all of the flood-damaged cars show their real nature by only aroma. Fraudulent auto dealers will surely try to hide odors caused by water damage using the "fresh mountain air" scent and deodorants. If you notice something like that, warning bells must ring in your head - therefore you should look for other indications of flood damage.

Sometimes damaged vehicles are totaled by car insurance companies, sold through auctions of auto-salvage, shipped hundreds of miles away, and "repaired" by dealers. Then they are ready for resale. Happily, you can surely avoid cars damaged by flood and the innumerable problems that wait for you beneath those cars' hoods. And that is if you know, what problems to look for.

Unavoidable problems with flood-damaged cars

If car is damaged in flood it is able not to reveal its defects immediately. Wheel and brake, engine and transmission damages can evolve weeks after purchasing this "brand new" vehicle.

If the car was completely immersed in water, it's wise to not even look at it. It could have been in sandy water, comparatively debris-free water, or sewer water. Long-term problems will crop out, if water has seeped either into the transmission or engine. For example, if the water brought sand inside the engine, blown and misfiring gaskets might be simply around the corner. Besides, immersed vehicles often develop electrical problems.

You also might get sick when driving a vehicle that was immersed in sewer water. High infection levels are probable, unless the agent has removed the carpet padding and sterilized the interior.

Can all of them be bad?

Not all of flooded vehicles are outcasts. You still might get a quality automobile if it has been thoroughly cleaned and properly restored. It includes: the carpet padding removal and its replacement; the vehicle's interior, including seats, removal; car disinfection; electrical connections greasing; cleaning the carpet and changing the seat foam; and replacement of any corroded components and wires.

Anyways, you want to be sure that the car was properly repaired. Before buying an auto that can bury you in problems, you should take your vehicle for a pre-purchase inspection to a good mechanic.

Ultimately, you might pay for an auto history, if you're still suspicious on whether or not a vehicle you're thinking of buying has really been flooded. Don't forget, that if the car was officially totaled by a car insurance company, its title will demonstrate you that it has been in a flood only.

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