»Acobay The New Social Networking with unique Feature

Acobay The New Social Networking with unique Feature

There's many social networking sites on the internet now, there's many people who like to join those social network, and now there's a new social networking sites which is called Acobay.. this social networking sites was still in BETA version but you can join and registered it..

What are acobay offer for their member?? the most amazing thing of this acobay sites was you can share all your stuff here with your friends.. but even they were still in their BETA version but they say that they will updated it regularly..

if you have a specific interest in acobay you could find your friends with the same interest like you in stuff map section, you can find many networks there such as automobile network, camera network, games network and many other network in acobay.

for example i joined the software network on acobay and i found many great software shared from the other user. so you can get the software for free on acobay.. this is the most different stuff which differs acobay with another social networking sites.

Not only sharing a stuff. but you could also promoting your blog by sharing it to the other members of acobay. cool isn't it??

so what are you waiting for?? if you wanna try the new way in social networking sites. you should join acobay and find your stuff and join your desired networks, get more friends and many other stuff you looking for.

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